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About Washington County

 Located in New York’s Capital Region, Washington County offers an unparalleled quality of life and an excellent place to do business. We are bordered by Vermont to the east, the burgeoning Saratoga region to the west, and within easy access to Albany and on to New York City to the south and Canada to the north, affording proximity to many major markets. We invite you to explore the many benefits of doing business in Washington County; a great place to live, work, and play.

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Workforce and Industries

 Our largely rural communities boast a stable workforce of about 32,000.  Supported by the many nearby institutions of higher learning our workforce is a significant asset to our businesses. The county is home to many manufacturers of a diverse array of products such as paper and wood products, furniture, jewelry, masonry, medical devices, batteries, industrial fabrication and much, much more. Service industries are also significant; businesses serving the healthcare and agricultural industries in particular are a  powerful force. The county also boasts several strong and growing industry clusters, such as paper, machining, agriculture and stone quarrying.  
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Entrepreneurial Focus

 We are one of the most entrepreneurial counties in the State of New York. Close to 10% of our workforce is self-employed, a rate which is more than 3.5% higher than the state average.  Businesses that start here, stay here.

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Final Broadband and Cell Existing Conditions Report (PDF)

 To link to More Information about Broadband in Washington County click HERE
Final Broadband Survey Report
In order for our communities to thrive, tools are needed to support and expand our business climate, maintain safe communities, support the flourishing arts and cultural resources, increase access to excellent schools, and provide ease of access to farm fresh foods and shopping experiences in our historic villages.  In today’s complex world, the tools available to make us thrive are driven by connectivity and broadband.
View Final Broadband and Cell Existing Conditions Report (PDF)

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