Learn About

  1. Agriculture is Everyone's Business

    Explore the influence of agriculture on the economy in Washington County.

  2. Child Safety Seat Checks

    Find out how to schedule and appointment to have child safety seats checked.

  3. Crime Victim Services Program

    Learn about the Washington County Crime Victim Services Program

  4. Cyberbullying

  5. Doing Business in Washington County

    Learn about doing business in Washington County from our Econonic Development Department

  6. J-Fire Program

    Learn about the Washington County J-Fire program and find the application to the program.

  7. Medicaid

    Learn about the New York State Medicaid program

  8. PINS Diversion Program

    Learn about the PINS Diversion Program working with the Washington County Department of Social Services.

  9. Rabies

    Learn about what you should do if you or your pet comes in contact with a wild-animal that you believe has rabies.

  10. Senior Dining and Nutrition Programs

    Learn about the different Senior Dining and Nutrition Options the Washington County Office for the Aging provides.

  11. Sheriff Community First Programs

    Leanr about the Sheriff's Department Community First Programs

  12. Sheriff Explorer Post 602

    Learn about the Washington Sheriff Explorer Post 602

  13. Ticks & Lyme Disease

    Find helpful frequently asked questions and Lyme disease and how to remove a tick, find out the steps you can take to prevent Lyme disease, and addition information from the New York State Department of Health.

  14. Welfare Reform Act

    Review the Welfare Reform Act online.

  15. Wellspring

    Learn more about the Adirondack Health Institute Sexually Trauma and Recovery Services offered in Washington County

  16. Workplace Wellness Programs

    Learn how the Washington County Public Health Department can help you setup a Worksite Wellness program at your organization.

  17. Yellow Dot Program

    Lean about how the Yellow Dot Program can help first responders in the event you are injured or sick.