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April 2015

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  1. Sun Apr. 26

    23rd Annual Washington County Fiber Tour Drive from farm to farm at one of the longest running on-farm Fiber Tours in the US. We have it all! Sheep – several breeds, alpacas, cashmere and angora goats, angora rabbits. Meet the farmers. Visit the fiber mill. Learn how we raise our animals and use the fiber. All this and springtime too.
  2. Tue Apr. 28

    SUNY Adirondack Continuing Education is pleased to present the Senior Lecture Series SUNY Adirondack Continuing Education is pleased to present the Senior Lecture Series. The Lectures will be presented by a combination of SUNY Adirondack distinguished faculty members and local experts. Lecture series will be held at the SUNY Adirondack Queensbury Campus. Preregistration required through Continuing Education. For more information call 518-743-2238 Tuesday April 28th 2015 Lyme Disease: What you Should Know The Silent War Brain Function and Age
  3. Tue Apr. 28

  4. Tue Apr. 28

  5. Tue Apr. 28

    Washington County Community Point of Dispensing Drill The pre-registration is now open for the Washington County Public Health POD (point of dispensing) drill to be held April 28, 2015. We are asking for your assistance with this important activity so that we may test our abilities and meet our goal to dispense 300 doses of “medical countermeasures.” In order to accomplish this we are asking that you register at the link below (just like you do for the flu clinic) and come to the WIC building on April 28th through the POD. For this dri…
  6. Tue Apr. 28

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